Morris Harris Inventions.

Morris Harris was an unassuming man and often did not receive credit for his inventions.

* A moving vehicle cradle (as seen in photo of Morris in front of shop) . It suspended from both sides of the interior allowing gentle (safe) movement for a baby. Kept the infant from spilling out.

* Cradle suspended by a spring for gentle movement to lull an infant to sleep.

* Spring roller for shades and awnings, standard design still in use.

* An air pump for inflating tires, standard design still in use.

* "Worm gear" for rolling up awnings, standard design still in use.


He gave his Zion flag design to The American Flag Company. Morris was burdened by too many orders. He designed and, with his mother, sewed the first flag in 1897. The design was not copyrighted.

Morris Harris requested recognition as designer of the flag in 1948 when Israel became a state.


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